The Best VR Devices To Watch Porn

Watching pornography online is at all times high. Gazillions of people visit adult sites each day and spend hours looking at all kinds of porn. Thanks to technology, the porn viewing experience is getting even better. Individuals can now watch adult content using virtual reality kits. The use of virtual reality headsets and other equipment has risen dramatically the past few years. That’s largely due to how much better it is to watch hardcore porn videos using VR. Adult sites offer tons of VR porn videos which change the way people once viewed it. Not only that, they are also able to interact with the characters within the videos.

Most people tend to think that they have to spend hundreds of dollars to experience virtual reality. However, that is not true since there are low-budget options available. Some are as low as $15 and let you peek into the VR world. Still, the more you spend on the VR gear, the greater and better your overall experience will be. In addition, extra VR kits let you enjoy and upgrade the way you view VR porn videos. On top of being able to look at it, you can also ‘feel’ stimulation and attain touch sensations. This is done when people want to engage in virtual reality sex.

Since VR gear makes a person’s porn viewing adventure that much better than traditional porn, people all over are buying it. But, there are many different types of VR gear available. The main problem is finding a great secluded spot to watch to porn. And deciding which VR headset is best suited for your needs.

Low Budget VR Experience

When people first began to experiment with virtual reality, they used a Google Cardboard. The device was released back in 2014 and only cost about $15. The Google Cardboard will let you insert your Smartphone inside it. In turn, you are able to see most VR content. While you are able to get a basic VR look into the world, it is not the best. For one, it is not as comfortable as higher costing models. It also lacks features such as remote control and others. Still, it will allow you get a low-budget look into what VR is all about and how VR porn looks. Some sites will send you a free Google Cardboard VR headset for simply joining their site. is one of them.

Samsung Gear VR

For people who own a Samsung phone, there’s the Samsung Gear VR option. It is one of the best virtual reality experiences you can obtain without spending more than $100. The unit has a 101-degree viewing window. There are some models which come with remote controls for easier use. The only setback is that you will need to own a Samsung phone in order to use it.

HOMiDo V2 Virtual Reality Headset

Individuals who don’t want to spend too much money on a VR headset can get a HOMiDo V2. It is also another option for those who do not own a Samsung mobile device. Starting at around $80., you can begin to experience all the amazing things virtual reality porn has to offer. You can use porn apps which let take a tour into the VR porn world.

Oculus Rift

In the virtual reality universe, the Oculus Rift is one of the most recognized and used models. In part, it is due to how comfortable the VR headgear is. Secondly, it is priced in the middle so people don’t have spend too much money to view hardcore VR porn films or anything else they desire. The Oculus Rift has several great features, including the low-latency constellation tracking system. This precise feature lets people feel the sensation of presence. You can feel as if you are right inside whatever situation is taking place within the video. Sites such as EBay have Oculus Rift units around $200. and up, depending on the model and condition.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is a step up in the virtual reality experience. The unit has two motion controllers which dramatically intensify the VR adventure. They will vibrate so that you can feel as if you are actually grabbing on to things in a VR porn video. You can also make your VR porn fantasy significantly better since you will be able to walk around. This is great for those want to view VR porn videos which are interactive. Be warned though, this unit is a bit pricier than most starting at around $350.

Besides all of these VR units, there are several others you can purchase. Since the porn industry is investing so much money into VR porn, more options will become available. Plus, you can also buy teslasuits or haptic suits. Those will let you get the sensation of touch and feel. It renders stimulations which make you think that the virtual reality scenes you are seeing, are real. No matter which VR gear you choose, looking at porn through a virtual reality perspective, is amazing and psychoactive.