DAQRI Smart Glasses

What Are DAQRI Smart Glasses?

DAQRI Smart Glasses are a line of professional-grade smart glasses made by DAQRI. They’re aimed at being portable, lightweight, ergonomic, and efficient. They contain a tethered computer powered by an… Read more »

Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift S Review

The Oculus Rift has the distinction of being the first viable and successful VR headset for the home consumer. From its announcement in 2012 out of Irvine, California, it generated… Read more »

What is the Vicon Tracker?

The Vicon Tracker is a software system which is a product of the company Vicon. Vicon specializes in cutting-edge motion capture systems. This field integrates optics, AI image recognition, and… Read more »