Where to download virtual reality games?

Virtual reality is now easily accessible to everyone, thanks to affordable VR headsets flooding the market. Once you buy a headset how do you get started? While the serious gamers already know where to look for great games and apps, common people who are entering into the VR world for the first time may get confused on what to do next. In this article, we will help you find great places to download the VR games and apps that work the best with your shiny new headset.

Virtual Reality headsets come in three forms,

  1. PC powered – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.
  2. Smartphone powered- Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc.
  3. Standalone- Oculus GO, Lenovo Dream, etc.

Depending on which one you have, here are the popular places to download virtual reality games. Some games may not run on all platforms, so check the description before you buy or download.

Google Playstore:

Google Playstore has become home to thousands of virtual reality compatible games and videos. If your VR headset is powered by an Android phone, the Playstore is already installed in it. Search for Virtual reality games and you will find a lot of free as well as paid options. Depending on the power of your smartphone, some games may look and feel more real than the others.

Protip: Check the user reviews before you download any games. If you are on Android, stick to the games from official PlayStore and avoid downloading directly from the internet as some games may contain malicious code.

Oculus Store

If you own an Oculus Rift or Go, start with the Oculus store. They have a massive collection of educational videos, stories, documentaries and a lot more. Did you think VR is all about games? Come and check out the Oculus store to see how many fun things can come to life through the VR world. When you purchase an Oculus device, you might get some free games or a voucher for the Oculus store. Head over to see which one catches your eye.

Apple Appstore

If you are on an iPhone, Apple’s Appstore had a load of VR games and other experiences that you can download.

PlayStation Store

After Sony released their console based VR headset, they have added hundreds of VR games to their store. This is another place to discover great games that can be enjoyed on your PlayStation VR headset.


Amazon has a growing list of simulation games and apps on their site.

 Not all games will work with every VR headset. So it is important to check for compatibility before you download the game. Look for user reviews before you buy anything VR related. A well-designed game reduces the chances of nausea and motion sickness while a bad one can give you a terrible aftereffect. So choose wisely.

Stick to a maximum of 30 minutes per session. Using any longer may severely affect your eyes and cause motion sickness. Enjoy the VR world without succumbing to its weaknesses.

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